Screening Thermography

  • The screening thermography is a fever detection technology that can quickly detect persons with fever, which uses a system of an Infrared thermal camera (visualizing the body temperature) and a visible image camera (CCTV, identifying individuals).
The visible image was blurred to protect personal information.
  • As human skin temperature is at equilibrium with the outside temperature, it is measured at always about 2-3℃ lower than the core temperature. The lower the skin temperature, the larger the temperature difference is detected, and vise versa (the higher the skin temperature, the smaller the temperature difference).

vertical cross-section of human body

  • A special algorithm ensures an high-accuracy detection of the core temperature (36.5 ℃) with a thermal camera. This special algorithm determines the core temperature by considering the surface (skin) temperature and environmental factors measured by the thermal camera.
  • According to international standard, IEC 80601-2-59*1, the temperature laboratory accuracy*2 of a screening thermography, including the measurement uncertainty, shall be less than or equal to an offset error of ±0.5℃ over the range of at least 34℃ to 39℃. Similarly, according to Chinese FDA’s regulation for screening thermography, GB/T 19146-2010*3, this shall be less than an offset error of 0.4℃ over the same range. Previous test results (for the registration for medical devices) indicate that the thermal imaging camera of the SST-1000 has a very high accuracy of less than 0.3℃.

  *1 “Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance
    of screening thermographs for human febrile temperature screening”
  *2 “closeness of the agreement between the result of a measurement
    (with screening thermography) and the true value of the measurand”
  *3 “Infrared devices for instant screening of human skin temperature”

  • The thermal images differ from the visible camera images. While thermal images accurately visualize the core temperature, the images themselves are unfamiliar to our human eyes and it is hard to identify who the febrile person is. Therefore, a visible camera enables to identify the febrile person(s).
The visible image was blurred to protect personal information.

SST-1000 / SST-1000 BBS / SST-1000 9Hz

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