MESH Co., Ltd.

  • Established in 2006.
  • Manufacturer specialized in medical device R&D
  • Professional research staff consisting of Biomedical Engineering majors
  • Consultation as the expert consultant for International Standard (IEC)
    Test Report (TRF)
    – Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (Republic of Korea)
  • Infrared camera technology verification (US Embassy, U.S. Dept. of Commerce)
  • 9 patents related to medical devices and diagnosis / rehabilitation
    Infrared Thermographic Imaging System Using Thermopile Sensor
     1006136620000, 2006
    Diagnostic device of bone density using structure
     by non-permeable manner of X-ray scintillator
     1006865340000, 2007
    A cough assist apparatus which includes a suction function
     1009711180000, 2010
    Infrared Thermographic Imaging System
     2004573370000, 2011
    Infrared Thermography Detection Method
     1014326510000, 2014
    Lumbar decompression apparatus and method using body weight
     1014326480000, 2014,
    Rehabilitation treatment chair measuring the decompression power
     according to perpendicular load and measuring the rotational torque
     1016319380000, 2016
    Blood pressure measuring apparatus embedding ECG electrode
     1016469800000, 2016
    A cuff for arteriosclerosis level index measurement
     1016469820000, 2016
  • MFDS(KGMP), CFDA, KC and KOLAS certifications
  • Product List
Screening Thermography System : SST-1000
Infrared Thermography System : T-1000 smart
Cryotherapy device : Cryo-Master (Carbon Dioxide, -78℃)
Cold and Hot Massager : ThermoREX, ThermoREX beauty

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